Black Seed Oil Testimonials

1. The first time I used AL Khair Black Seed Oil was when I was in Saudi Arabia for Hajj (Pilgrimage). Most people over there have to use antibiotics to avoid throat infections. However, I and my whole group only used AL Khair Black Seed Oil daily and we had a safe and a healthy journey. AL Khair's pure Black Seed Oil makes your immune system strong. Now even my family uses it regularly.
Saeed Anwar (Pakistan Test Cricketer)

2. I used your (AL Khair) Black Seed Oil when I was very sick, by God it is the best I have ever used.
Ms. Anisa (United Kingdom)

3. I know an old man who lost feelings in his legs could not move his legs nor walk. My friend then made him drink (Al Khair) Black Seed Oil and use to massage his legs with it about 3 times daily then few days later the old man's feelings came back to such an extant that now can move his legs.
Mr. Amir (South Africa)

AL Khair’s Black Seed Oil – A Complete Cure & Aid for the Immune System. 100% pure, No additives or preservatives.

Black seed has almost as many names as it has cures. It is known in many cultures as the blessed seed, hubba sawda, black cumin, kalonji, schwarzcummel, or nigella sativa (botanical name).
Using black seed oil daily strengthens the immune system, fights infections and acts as a cure for virtually all illnesses.
The black seed is a potent antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. Modern day scientific research has confirmed many of its health benefits.

Benefits of AL Khair’s Black Seed Oil

AL Khair’s blackseed oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the nigella sativa plant. In addition to improving your overall health, research suggests that black seed oil will also help to:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Treat respiratory problems such as asthma
  • Cure stomach related and intestinal problems
  • Improve your kidney and liver function
  • Help in blood circulation
  • Control your blood sugar levels
  • Treat eczema, arthritis and inflammation when used topically